Advantages of Scheme One

  • Crusader Empty Property Rates Avoidance will introduce a Tenant for your empty property and prepare a 26-week Lease agreement. The Lease will grant exclusive possession to the Tenant who will then be classed as the Owner for the purpose of Section 65(1) of Local Government Act 1988 and therefore be liable for Business Rates.
  • This Lease will be outside the Landlord and Tenant Act and can be terminated at any time by the Landlord with seven days notice.
  • The Tenant will then sub-let, under a Tenancy at Will Agreement, to a charitable organization who will qualify for any non domestic rates relief granted under section 45a rating (Empty Properties) act 2007. For the purpose of 65(1) of local government act 1998, the sub Tenant will be granted exclusive possession of the property and become liable for Business Rates until termination or expiry of the agreement.
  • Any Occupation will be minimal, clean, of low disturbance and be for charitable purpose only. Any damage to the property caused by the tenant fully indemnified by Crusader.
  • The Landlord can continue to market the property For Sale or To Let.
  • On expiry of the Lease, a new agreement can be put in place if required.

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“You don’t pay taxes, they take taxes.” Chris Rock.